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1440 minutes prepaid

Session credit of 1440min at $1812 instead of $1920

240 minutes prepaid

Session credit of 240min at $312 instead of $320

Fifteen minute coupon

Session credit of 15min, for any future session of yours or someone you want to gift it to.

My first 3 visits

Many clients start seeing a major benefit at session 2 or 3, especially if there is no long wait time between sessions (2/week seems ideal for most cases). So as a thank-you for your consideration, by committing to the process you will save $20 overall.

We will spend more individualized time on your first visit, and the 2 follow up appointments make up for the extra charge.

Please book the longer first visit first; you will receive booking links for the follow-ups. This session credit will not expire, however, the extra 15 min are not transferable.

You can be refunded for the package minus any fees within 24 hrs of buying it. This grace period is forfeited if your first session takes place within 48 hrs of purchase.
If you want a refund after the first session, this can be granted after deducting the actual price of the first session plus any fees, and only if you have not yet booked the first follow-up.
This policy is consistent with Florida consumer law and Neutrally Buoyant business policies.

All existing policies apply.